Les Dionysiaques

Variable geometry cuvée made in collaboration with collegues from our cru and engaged organic. Assemblage of the 3 main cepages of the champagne with a majority of meuniers (60%). Only brut champagne of our range, LES DIONYSIAQUES is an exercice de style made in the tradition of the terroir champagnes.

The name is inspired by the famous eponymous book relating the story of the inventor of pressoirs and wines. Les Dionysiaques is dedicated to the night, that’s what its particular labelling suggests.


Ideal for celebrations, LES DIONYSIAQUES offer perfect pairings with foie gras raw or cooked.


Harvest 2014. Brut, dosage 11g.
Vinification in stainless steel plus 20 days in oak barrels.
Tirage in Spring and disgorging
during waning moon of October each year.


Blanc de noirs, assemblage made of 75% pinot noir and 25% meuniers from two parcels next to each other in Sauchery. Pléiades is very expressive, strongly structured and pure.

The name PLÉIADES is inspired by the Greek mythologie in referrence to the number of our parcels.


Pairing suggestion with seafood, cooked or raw salmon and perfect with fried scalops.


Harvest 2013. Extra Brut, dosage 4g.
Vinification in stainless steel plus 21 days in oak barrels.
Tirage: July 7 2014.
Disgorging on May 27 2016 during waning moon.


Harvers 2016. Same specificities.
Availability in 2020.

Millésime 2013

Assemblage of 75% pinot noir and 25% meuniers made from selected grapes. Two cépages of two different ages on two different types of soil.
Our Millésime 2013 has all of a grand vin. Its vinification specificity is the use of the poignettage technique to reinforce the richness of the wine, which also means two remuages by hand.


Subtle and ample, this millésime will be parfect with contemporary gastronomy, complex structures, as well as dishes made from black or white truffles.


Harvest 2013.
Brut Nature, dosage 2,5g.
Vinification in stainless steel plus 21 days in oak barrels.
Tirage: July 7 2014.
Disgorging on 9 October 2017 during waning moon.

900 bottles only


We advice to open our Millésimes half an hour before to serve them, or to use a carafe.

Les illuminations

Rosé de saignée with intense color and intense fruit notes, elaborated by a long maceration with pinots grapes selected by hand and from a single parcel.
The name is inspired by the eponymous suite of prose poems by Arthur Rimbaud and by the music Benjamin Britten has composed for them.


Les Illuminations will be perfect for exceptionel dinners. Pairing suggestion with duck and game meat as well as red meat.


Harvest 2015, Indigeneous levures.
Vinification in stainless steel only with harvest 2015.
Tirage: 27 July 2016.
Extra brut, 5 g.


Availability in Summer 2018


Thanks to its unique root system, the meuniers parcel “Les Boulard” planted in 1971 gives very expressive graves. This is how is born our cuvée IMPRESSIONS. This champagne is characterised by the natural colour of these strong meuniers and a beautiful verticality. IMPRESSIONS is each time grown in oak for one year, the idea is to balance the strong fruits of the wine with subtle smokey notes.